Oklahoma Stream Team Projects

One of the functions of the Oklahoma Stream Team is to provide free assistance in the planning of projects that affect stream channels. These usually include stream bank stabilization and erosion controls in urban settings. The goal is to provide environmentally sound alternatives to concrete channelization or rip-rap of stream banks. Such "channel hardening" practices destroy or significantly damage stream habitat for aquatic organisms. While costs for alternatives can be more expensive, frequently they are not, and significant cost savings are often realized.

Property owners appreciate a natural stream channel over a concrete conduit. However, OST must be brought in on the early planning stage and conceptualization phase of a project. Once a project is scoped and preliminary designs are drafted, it is usually too late in the process. Contacting the OST by email at INCOG or by phone at (918) 584-7526 may result in a much more desirable project and even a significant cost savings.

The following projects involved OST during the  first two years of startup. Contact INCOG for more details and how the Oklahoma Stream Team can help your project.