Brookhaven Creek Project in Norman

Brookhaven Creek is an urban stream on the west side of the City of Norman. This stream was modified in the 1970's to convey and hold stormwater in constructed detention basins. The stream has since emerged into an elongated cattail marsh. During high flow events residential lots near the stream are flooded. As a solution to the flooding problem, the City proposed a concrete channel to convey the water, but their plans were halted by local groups opposed to the idea. A more natural system was more desirable to help protect the environment while reducing the risk of flooding.

To solve this problem, the Oklahoma Conservation Commission (OCC) in cooperation with its many partners plan to use the principles of fluvial geomorphology (FMG) to rehabilitate the stream with more natural techniques as an alternative to concrete. The design will allow the stream to convey its water and sediment load, while lowering the flood stage elevation and maintaining the wetland area along the stream course.

The Oklahoma Stream Team will develop an outreach and educational program for citizens and the development community to help showcase the completed project. This project will serve as a statewide example for urban development projects, which can be utilized by the Stream Team to further promote wetland and riparian system protection and rehabilitation. It is important that demonstration projects like this are implemented in order to help protect and reduce impacts to these types of urban areas.

As this project nears completion in 2009, additional project information will be posted on this website.