Mission of the Oklahoma Stream Team

Oklahoma Stream Team Goals

The Oklahoma Stream Team is an association of Federal, State and local environmental agencies devoted to providing communities, planners and developers with realistic options for stream modification and stormwater management projects that protect and enhance water quality. The development, consulting and municipal communities are educated on the values of preserving healthy streams and riparian systems. The Oklahoma Stream Team encourages stream restoration and watershed planning by providing technical assistance in the project planning phase that will result in greater compliance with Federal and State permits under Section 404 and stormwater regulatory programs.

Oklahoma Stream Team Functions

  1. Educate cities, developers and consultants by holding workshops on and making presentations about new methods of stream modification and restoration projects.
    1. Go to a community or organization individually at their request.
    2. Hold workshops periodically, for a larger audience by invitation.
  2. Assist with project planning as requested (look at one or several related projects).
    1. Meet with city and/or developers, listen to problems, brainstorm, site visit.
    2. Team meets later to formulate recommendations.
    3. Team presents recommendations to city and/or developers. The Stream Team will NOT:
      1. Design projects,
      2. Replace consultants,
      3. Have authority to require compliance.
  3. Review project proposals only at the request of applicants.
    1. Hold periodic meetings to listen to pre-application proposals, perhaps several per meeting.
    2. Plans should be submitted to Team Coordinator who will distribute to Team members for review.
    3. Team may meet later to discuss proposals, make site visit(s) in needed.
    4. Team makes verbal recommendation to applicant.
    5. Team members may send written comments individually or wail until formal permit comment period.
  4. Encourage and participate in pilot or demo projects occasionally as resources allow.

Oklahoma Stream Team Structure

  1. Roles of Team Members.
    1. Members only asked to contribute within their area of experience or authority.
    2. Recommendations may be made as a team, by consensus, probably verbally at meeting, but a member(s) may make separate (possibly conflicting) recommendations or statements if they wish.
    3. Members may decline to participate in a particular project or event or may leave the team at any time if they choose.
    4. Recommendations made as a team are 'non-binding', i.e. have no direct regulatory effect, and are not necessarily the final or official agency position on a project.
  2. Project types team may be involved in.
    1. Flood control,
    2. Erosion control,
    3. Restoration work,
    4. Compensatory mitigation for Section 404 permits,
    5. Regulatory stormwater Section 402 permit programs.
  3. Meetings: only as needed or requested.
  4. Geographic limits.
    1. Principally, approximately 50 cities and four counties in Northeast Oklahoma (Wagoner, Tulsa, Creek and Osage).
    2. After the initial two years of the Oklahoma Stream Team, additional geographic areas will be assisted with forming their own Stream Teams (e.g. the ACOG membership area around Oklahoma City).