Welcome to the Oklahoma Stream Team (OST) website. Here you will find resources and information about urban stream restoration methods that enhance environmental protection. Also, Low Impact Development has been included to compliment efforts to improve urban water quality.

In 2004, the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) was approached by the US Environmental Protection Agency Region VI (EPA) office about starting a Stream Team in Oklahoma. INCOG received an EPA FY-04 104(b)(3) Wetlands grant from the Oklahoma Office of Secretary of Environment (OSE) to develop and implement the Oklahoma Stream Team. The OST mission is to develop resources that provide alternatives to concrete or riprap lining of streambeds in favor of more natural channel improvements that favor environmental protection and improve water quality.


The Oklahoma Stream Team is an association of Federal, State and local environmental agencies devoted to providing communities, planners and developers with realistic options for stream modification and stormwater management projects that protect and enhance water quality. The development, consulting and municipal communities are educated on the values of preserving healthy streams and riparian systems. The Oklahoma Stream Team encourages stream restoration and watershed planning by providing technical assistance in the project planning phase that will result in greater compliance with Federal and State permits under Section 404 and stormwater regulatory programs. Services of the Oklahoma Stream Team are free of charge.

For More Information

Please contact INCOG at (918) 584-7526 for more information about the Oklahoma Stream Team or to inquire about how OST can assist with your project planning.

To learn more about water quality programs in Oklahoma, visit the INCOG water quality website.

For information about urban water quality and stormwater protection visit the Green Country Stormwater Alliance website.